I am an illustrator, designer, researcher, writer and educator based in London,UK.
I work as a senior lecturer on MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, UAL.
I am studying towards a practice-based PhD at London College of Communication, UAL.
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My desk, November 2019

a. Walking the Elephant / Recorriendo Elephant, with Latin Elephant, 2019
b. Paul Carter (2013), Meeting Place: the human encounter and the challenge of coexistence, Minneapolis, MN & London: University of Minesota Press
c. Ideas
d. Luise Vormittag (2019) 'One Space Eaten by Another Space: the work of Wei Shao', Varoom, Issue 40, pp.110-121

My desk, October 2016

a. Design Museum (2015) Designers in Residence, feat. Hefin Jones
b. Eastside Projects (date unknown) leaflet
c. Mitchell, W.J.T. (Ed.) (2002) Landscape and Power, Chicago, IL & London: The University of Chicago Press
d. Lang, P. & Menking, W. (Eds.) (2003) Superstudio: life without objects, Milan: Skira, pp.144–145
e. Miller, M. (2013) A Showman’s Yard
f. Eastside Projects & Nencini, P. (2013) The Artist and the Engineer